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(Written not by TheCritics; first guest poetry - TheCritics version of it
The poet is anonymous as wished to be. if the poet wishes name will be given)
She, who came across as the most random face that could be;
He, who exchanged the most normal hello that could be;
Swaying merrily, to the different tunes their lives had,
They met somewhere along the road, as formal as a fellow comrade.
Roads meant to diverge, they always knew.
Yet, decided to travel parallel; before they bid adieu.
Time took them close and time strengthened their hearts.
Little they did know then, that they are destined to own each other’s hearts.
Once, he stumbled and sat with a sunken heart.
She made him blessed and held him from drifting apart.
“Life will be fine”, she spoke and offered hand.
“Let’s walk together till you feel feet back in sand”.
They sailed along sharing secrets and opening hearts
Adventures of life, they saw; through the seven heavens and the seven stars.
Once, she staggered and stopped, for life she feared.
Never did she fall; for he held, and firm he stood.
Oh yes, they fought often; brushing their eyes for those childish reasons!
Often, she did recoil her hands; but he stood firm in every changing season!
Their hearts grew closer as days passed by,
Their bonds strengthened, and joy waved high in sky.
The day came, when the roads had to diverge; and she had to fly away!
The one he nurtured had to walk another way!
Heavy were their hearts and heavier were their souls.
In darkness they cried; and hoped they hid well their falls.
Life sailed them apart and drifted them to new scope.
His hand to hold and her shoulder to lean were not there to hope.
Dreadful storm, took them away from each other. And they thought so!
“Care not to disturb for one might not want”, and they thought so!
The souls were void and hearts did shed loads of tear.
Little did they know, that tested were they, of their strength and shear!
Love made their hearts together; and they did realise.
Time to test and fate to test, care not anymore; for love it is and they did realise.
The wind told her his breath; the eyes told him her love.
Never to part and never to leave, they decide; for love is all that above.
Hoping to face, all that come against; they took their walk together.
Hoping to love and grow old together and to love each other; they took their walk together.


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