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THE LONELY SPECIES Lonely was the day, a routine it is now!
Lonely was the work, but I prefer it so!
Lonely was the walk; I do enjoy my music!
Lonely was my dinner; I get to eat what I like!
Lonely was the sleep; I get my time and space!
Lonely was I am, and I am happy so! Tools I sent, pursuing life and existence!
I did exist, but I forgot my own!
They did exist, but I never cared them as equal!
I ruled and I owned; I searched and sought further.
I lost him and then her; I lost them all and I lost me.
Now I survive and fail to live. Lonely I am, the only truth I said!
Lonely I prefer, is everything but truth!
Lonely I live; I prefer not to!
I, human, a lonely species in the loneliest planet ever!
Visit me sometime; for lonely I may die!
For lonely I may die and I prefer not to do so! -TheCritics Read more poems (emotions)
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SHE: The deep kisses and the sleepless nights,
Untold love and the unspoken romance,
Naked skins and the stories it created,
Body so private; no more I own.
Broken rules and the broken shyness,
Soul so caged, now free and spirited.
The purpose of life, I seek and I found! Far from my world, but deep into his world!
Fear of future; yet comfort in his shoulder,
His breath and aroma; his touch and caress,
He never spoke, yet always showed love!
Grown up I am, but a baby in his arms!
So much to worry; but he will take care,
I am no princess, but a queen in his kingdom! HE: The gentle kisses and her shivering body,
Guiding touch and her broken shyness,
The blanket fight and the broken bed!
Sneaking romance and her glowing redness!
The war of love and the exploits reaped together.
Two different souls, melted as one.
Two different worlds, merged as one. Her world is far and her world is fine, yet she chooses mine!
The future is questioned, but she believes and believes in me!
Her love and care; her vis…



(Written not by TheCritics; first guest poetry - TheCritics version of it
The poet is anonymous as wished to be. if the poet wishes name will be given) She, who came across as the most random face that could be;
He, who exchanged the most normal hello that could be;
Swaying merrily, to the different tunes their lives had,
They met somewhere along the road, as formal as a fellow comrade. Roads meant to diverge, they always knew.
Yet, decided to travel parallel; before they bid adieu.
Time took them close and time strengthened their hearts.
Little they did know then, that they are destined to own each other’s hearts. Once, he stumbled and sat with a sunken heart.
She made him blessed and held him from drifting apart.
“Life will be fine”, she spoke and offered hand.
“Let’s walk together till you feel feet back in sand”. They sailed along sharing secrets and opening hearts
Adventures of life, they saw; through the seven heavens and the seven stars.
Once, she staggered a…


There are those who loved.
Those who loved and fought in love!
Those who loved and fought for love!
Those who won that love!
And those who claimed each other in love! There are those who loved.
Those who loved; yet walked away!
Those who loved and choose to let go that love!
Those who got hurt,
And those who choose to hurt! There are those who loved.
Those who loved and choose to stand by!
Those who loved and proved its strength!
Those who would never let go, no matter what!
And those who choose to endure! There are those who loved.
Those who loved, and yet never told!
Those who loved and yet kept it a secret for the world.
Those who felt back love.
And those who saw and felt and yet could not give back love. There are those who loved.
Those who loved, not by will and not by choice!
Those who loved not by chance and not by desire!
Those destined to do so!
And those are blessed to be so! Blessed are they; and blessed will be they.
For his love or her love – matters not!
For this love or tha…


Hey you, ’Just relax’.
Take that deep breath of yours.
Leave that eeriness loose in wind.
Hardships you have seen,
And tough times no more you need. Love, hold my hand, and
Let those wings fly.
Why to worry about heaven?
If hell is where we can be together!
Come, let’s embrace hell. Where we go matter not;
As long as you go with me!
Even if I broke you down,
You choose to stand by me;
And healed my hidden scars. Ease your pain, and trust in me now.
Ain’t gonna leave you; no, not this time.
Ain’t gonna walk away; no, not this time.
Even if you break me down
I'm gonna stand by you. Don’t search for me when we reach the other side!
For I, will be right behind to hold and hug.
I'm gonna stand by you.
For I, know all this shall pass.
For I, know we need nothing but ‘us’. -TheCritics (Inspired from the original 'Stand by you', written as form of counter poetry with an altered theme and subject) Image Read more poems (emotions) @ 'LIFE IS …

A voice so heard yet suppressed

"A voice so heard yet suppressed"

Where do we stand, me and my folk?
Times have changed,
Eras have flown,
History was created and destroyed,
Yet, where do we stand, me and my folk? The folklore sings of his valour and courage.
And yes, they do sing of our beauty and charm!
Stereotyped for long – not just by the society but by ourselves!
Objectified at times!
Worshipped, yet preyed upon! Decisive narrowness was created and influenced.
An era of simplicity demanded us at home.
An era of industrialization demanded us at work.
An era of modernity demanded us to be open and sexual.
And we believed what they wanted us to believe. Morals are preached and not so kept!
Love is demanded but not always given!
Defame and shame -related only to us!
For some we are just flesh and bone.
And for some we lack the brain. To choose one to live with,
To choose not and fall in love,
That’s not my choice -never my choice!
Pre-decided are they -my age and my soul-mate!
Pre-decided are they - to fit in and love, no ma…

Happy new year

               Happy new year 
The euphoric celebrations or the silent cuddles,
The countless expectations or the simple acceptance,
The happiness shared or the kindness received,
The elated ecstasy or the boring loneliness,
The feel of love or the sour of hatred,
The joy of life or the pain of death,
The emotions felt differ in ways. Some felt lonely while some felt the most content!
Some cried alone while some laughed together!
Some traveled while some worked their shifts!
Some lives crossed while some parted their ways!
Some dreamt future while some lived in past!
Some created stories while some shared stories,
The thoughts and mood differed in ways too. To call it a daily happening or to take it an elusive moment,
To celebrate it or to shy away is for you to decide.
But whatever the past might be,
However heavy the bundles you carry,
Learn and grow; smile and live.
For life itself is a celebration. And why not celebrate it,
When all you have is but one? ....................... Thecritics