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'An escape from commonness'

Have you taken a trip? Have you taken a long trip? Have you taken the one by road? And have you taken it recently? If not pack your bag and go explore the world that was created just for you.
To escape from the clutches of routine realms, to escape from the vicinity of boring familiarity, and to escape from the hostility of an envious society, the modern man’s medicine is travelling. For some travel is just an escape. For some travel is passion. I can boast myself into the second category. After burning over 50,000 miles on trips in bikes and after contributing sufficiently to the carbon foot print; I/we took on our first long road trip by car. Have you known someone buying a car for a road trip? Yes, we did it! We planned on 6000 km trip covering 8 states. But, the car arrived late and our leave couldn’t be managed, and finally we settled for a short trip to Goa. The final plan was made the day before and few excited souls hopped in for a 2500km trip.

Trip: Chennai to Goa via Dandeli.…