Break up dialogues

The famous dialogues of break up

           "The classic soul breakers"

1. You deserve better!!

 This is the most easiest and common escape route. It is meant to say, 'I do care about you.'

'If everyone says, I deserve better then who shall stand up for me?'

2. I love you; but my parents will never agree !!

One of the most spineless reasons that you could end up hearing.

'Blame the situation; Blame the parents.It is affordable in INDIA'

3. You and me are not meant to be together.

 'Destiny decide against us; not me, no never !!'

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4. You are good, and I will never get a good person like you. But I cant stay with you.

Excuse me I am still available and sitting right before you.

5. What can I do? I really don't want to leave you. I never wanted to hurt you this way. 

Believe; if one does not want to hurt you, they wont hurt you.

Yeah, I never wanted to leave you; but I got my exam tomorrow, and I should leave. 

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                "The personality breakers"

6. You don't deserve me!!

  The classical spine breaker; it is.
It makes you cheap. It makes you shatter and doubt yourself.

But, who said you deserve me either?

7. You are immature, disorganized and can never run a family.

I never want to be matured and all psyched up ! Can you get it?
Or, shall I, stick it up your door?

Oh, yeah lol. Well, then are we talking love or about running governments here??

8.  You don't treat me something special.

This is common dialogue in love and marriage. Treating special and keeping them priority number one - when someone wants this with you it means two things.

1. It means they love you so much and they seek your love too much.
2. Or simple, they are insecure.

Sadly,  the second category holds true at most times. So if it is the 'insecurity', then they will even expect you to value your passion lesser.

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                                                                          Have you Considered treating me special anytime ? 

9. I made a mistake and now I realize my mistake.

Another common statement in love and marriage;  'I made a mistake of being with you or marrying you.'
Quite a statement it is; it will definitely break you up.

 Mistake ya, but am I not the one who committed it? 

10. You don't look beautiful (anymore); I can get someone better looking.

This is worst, and only some brainless creeps can say this.

It sure will break you more, but it will heal and make you more stronger too. 

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Break ups can be worrying, soul breaking specially when decided just from one side.
But you will tend to heal and will tend to love yourself more than before.
Love is essential in life; love between 'him and her' is unavoidable and at circumstances break ups do fancy their way between.

"Didn't mean to hurt any broken Souls.
Never written with gender bias; perfectly suits for both gender." 



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