Singapore – The world is in your plates

                                            Singapore – The world is in your plates
                                 Want to rule the world? ; Well rule your plates then!!

 Singapore is a land, a land of mixed brew; an amalgam and blend of various ethnicities. This ‘Country’ or the way I prefer to call it, a ‘City’ , with so diverse ethnicity does offer a dozen different cuisines. The food on offer here will melt your tongue with vivid tastes and arouse your taste buds to make you tangle in delicacy.
South Indian or North Indian, Indian Muslim cuisine with Arabic touch, the Malaysian shrimps, the Chinese doubled boiled soups, the sea food, jasmine rice of Thai and the add on western food joints; hmm Singapore offers you everything and more.

My first visit to Singapore was on an examination purpose. Since then, I have been there many times and the hospitality and warmth this land offers always made me feel I was just walking in my own neighbourhood. Singapore offers you everything, for an explorer you can explore and can get lost forever. And for a foodie there is a thousand dishes on offer. I am not a culinary expert. I may not remember the names of various dishes and I may not be able to write out the cooking style of those dishes. But the taste that lingered my taste buds are stamped to perfection in my memories.

Take a metro or a taxi; walk through the streets of little India and immense yourself in the spicy curries. Choose from ‘North Indian Rotis’ and ‘Tandoors’ to ‘South Indian dosas’ and ‘Sambhars’. The varieties of ‘Chuttnies’ will add on to the extravaganza. The Indian Muslim run shops serve the ‘Murtabha with chicken and egg’. The tall glass of ‘tea’ and ‘nasi biryani’ will serve you well.

The Malay and its dishes are inseparably mixed with all local dishes in Singapore. Although Malay shops and restaurants pop everywhere, the ‘Kampong glam’ is the store house of all. The lemon grass and shrimps are not missed with most dishes that is served. ‘ Nasi lemak’ (rice with dry fish) is the commoner and the best.

Want to have some Chinese? Try the dim sums, wong hong soup, Hakka noodles or the Szechwan. The slippery pork and chicken stew rice are not to be missed too. The Chinese themselves offer so many different dishes with so many different pattern of cooking. These cooking patterns hold origins from the different regions of china.
If you want to taste Thai, the jasmine rice, the sea foods or the tom yum; it is all on offer too. Bored of all these south Asian and south East Asian dishes? Then go grab a Burger or the croissants if you like from any of those famous western food joints. Don’t forget to visit the Holland village and some unique restaurants there, like the ‘Mu parlour’. Oo did I forgot the Permakan style? There is another style of cooking from an intercommunity; the style that adopts Chinese, Thai and Malay together. Although I failed to understand the difference.

 Although all these dishes and cuisines have travelled from other parts of the globe and although these dishes and cuisines are not unique to Singapore. It is only in Singapore you can find all these dishes just by strolling through one street. Most of the south Indian and south Asian dishes uses either spices or herbs. Thai and Indian style will leave you feeling the clove and cinnamon; it will leave you licking the pepper and smelling the coriander.

Tasting these vividness I was wondering with an awe for the unique Singaporean dish. My search for the original Singaporean dish, the one that originated in Singapore ended with ‘Yu sheng’ or ‘lo hei’
Raw fish topped with colourful carrots, radish, nuts with spices and flour crisps to top this is a unique Singaporean dish that is ought not to be missed. They shows you on how to eat this; ‘Toss up’, toss the food up with those chop sticks. They believe the higher you toss the more fortune you become. Available predominantly during the Chinese new year the dish with raw fish and shredded vegetables with an array of spices and sauces leaves you fell a mixture of tastes.

Singapore is by itself unique, the mannered, welcoming locals, the thriving business and ever increasing tourists will for sure make this food joint of world more vivid and colourful.

                               “ ’ Toss it up’ and let your tongue cherish the wonders.”

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