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All that has to be done has been done. All that has to be packed is packed and wrapped. All that has to be said is said and shed. All that has to happen has already happened.
Days may not be electric anymore. ‘HE’, will find a new girl. “A girl that is vibrant and lively. A girl that is void of wrinkles.”
Sometimes, something are meant to happen. There is a reason, a reason so good or bad. It’s better to accept rather analyse. It’s better to smile than frown.
Ever since, ‘He’, the one who I married left. ‘HE’, has been my soul and purpose. ‘HE’ is the one who brought me hope. 'HE' is the one who brought me life.
‘Those were the days’ when we carelessly roamed.’ Those were the days', where we held those matching trunks And each other’s hands as we travelled around. Those were the days that are long gone.
Today he is to set foot on a new venture. A new journey; himself carrying both the trunks. It is his journey and so I choose to be alone in this ‘savage’ world I hopped, jumped and …