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           ‘ SHE ‘

The monsoons have begun and the streams are flowing. The flowing water has traveled a long way and has carried along with it a lot of stories. Happiness is what is it has brought and happiness it has given her. The sun had gone to play hide and seek and I took her down the stream to her favorite spot. Like a little doll she walked along the high banks, holding on to my hand with her fingers tightly clasped around mine.  We sat in the bank thrashing our legs together in the flowing stream. The water was cold and left us to shiver.
She smiled and the sun came out from its veil and smiled along with her. I took that little gift all wrapped and gave it to her. She opened the wrap.
“Ooh, chocolate. I love them so much.” The smile has become a laugh. She giggled and laughed exposing her missing tooth.
“Where is your tooth?, That central one?” “I gave it to the tooth fairy.
She started relishing the chocolate and the chocolate was all over face, cheek and was dripping down fro…