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Bring Back Your Touch

Bring Back Your Touch

Early Sunday morning, I Stepped out of my house and it started to drizzle back. I forgot my umbrella and to make it worse I was wearing that white shirt of 'His'. As usual I was walking and running; a ten minutes walk or 5 minutes run will take me to the nearest MRTS, 'Farrer park.' And today I reached there in five. I had ample time to grab a drink and board that 7.30 train.
I boarded and looked for my corner seat. It was already occupied by some young girl in her high heels and brightly lit lips. Why of all those seats, she has to take the one that was always destined to be mine?”I stared at her but she wasn’t bothered. I finally gave up and found a place to rest myself.
Faces that are new, faces that are routine were all around. Most of them were busy with their phones; ears plugged in with wires, eyes locked on screen, fingers busy rolling. Some were going for their job and some were returning back from job. They are conn…