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It was sober the day before.
With heart so sore and mind so blocked
 Is how that morning began.
yeah, what is this ???????????

The twisted mind got then a perfect remedy,
One even the best doctor cannot prescribe.
Out I looked of the window pane and it drizzled.
All those lovely red and yellow ones bloomed and smiled at me.

Wow, am I blessed; offcourse I am.
And with all these blessings around I had been sober for days.
The mind kicked into new horizons.
The wind played tunes in those horizons.

Dusting the ear piece and adding in some classics
I started for a journey with him.
He is my companion and he is my love.
Hope youknowme and I am not gay.

Yet I say, " I and him, we share love."
With calm and serenity in that silent drizzle
We had a look at each other for a momentous pause.
He knows what I meant and yes I know what he is capable off.

Hey take the 'four wheeler' my mom shouted.
HA HA he "Rattled" a laugh.
And there we took…