Satheesh - From Weirdo To A Real Life Hero

Satheesh - From Weirdo To A Real Life Hero

Have You Heard The Story Of Satheesh??????????

                          Satheesh was a dreamer, a dreamer who dreams beyond. He had a quest and that quest lead to lot of questions but those questions never found answers.

“Mam, why is the earth round and why it revolves around sun? Why can’t the sun revolve around the earth?”
“Satheesh first study and pass then ask questions.”

                         Satheesh, oh he the weird one sitting around in last – that’s how they call him. Satheesh was not the class topper but definitely he was not that dumb stupid kid. He had intelligence in a different sort – intelligence in experimenting and learning, yeah the one which our society never welcomes in.
                        That’s how his high school days passed. But he never worried nor cared much about it. Growing up in a small village, satheesh used to ride his sister Dhivya all the way up and down in his cycle for kilometers to the near-by town. They will go all the way there for his sister to chat with her boy-friend in internet - in the fastest dial-up, in fact the only dial-up available in that town – ‘The Moorthy computers’. He will be sneaking around while his sister will wait all day for a page to open.
                        That was his introduction into a new world. The world of internet started to amuse him and he will then save every single penny to go and browse in nearby town. “The world of INTERNET started feeding his intelligence and he started finding answers for everything he has been neglected till now.”

           As he grew a new revolution has already began – ‘THE IT REVOUTION’ and families around started becoming rich and richer by the day. His family was no exception to it and it grew richer and moved to the town too. Our good Satheesh somehow passed his school and got into an engineering college and for the marks he got, it was no great college. But there he came closer with his new friend – ‘THE INTERNET’. For then had started a new era – the mobile era.  Satheesh didn’t miss on a mobile too.

           Now satheesh and his mobile with internet became the best buddies. And after that the weird kiddo satheesh became the most interesting kid in college. He became a HERO from ZERO overnight.

“ Satheesh where is Nairobi situated?
“Satheesh what is the capital of Mozambique?”
“Satheesh what is happening in the United states election?”

                    Satheesh is the man who you go when you need answers!
And yup he got what you want for he has learnt everything from internet fast and clear. There is so much he has learnt that he started teaching his teachers too.
         Its science fair or college cultural fashion show - its satheesh who rocks, because satheesh had the creative mind and faster internet on mobile to search and fuel those ideas. The latest music will rock in his mobile, the latest news feed will screen in his mobile – “What fun is this world without internet and mobiles man?”

                      The world of mobiles and internet updated and satheesh updated him with it. New apps, social networks, chats in mobile it just added to the unlimited fun in his mobile. It is in one of those boring classes while browsing in that social network site he found her. He was gradually browsing through profiles when he found her.

                       Love at first site?? Who will not fall in love for her and her mesmerizing beauty? A gradual friend request – “Oh I thought it was my friend school Neena, you look exactly like her.” Yeah the same stupid dialogues boys use, then some Lols some Rofls, some likes and some chats. Neena was a medical student at Chandigarh and satheesh an engineering student in deep south Tamil-Nadu. Neena and satheesh became the closest friends of all and their only connection is internet and their mobile. Faster connections came and closer they became with video calls and mail.
                     Satheesh finished his degree somehow and for his brilliance he was not placed in any company. Those were his times of desperation and the only soul that understood him is Neena. Satheesh, our hero decided to take a break from the break he is having and travelled to Chandigarh to visit Neena. With next to empty pocket he travelled in unreserved compartments to Chandigarh. New city new place and to surprise her he hasn’t informed her too. But ya he had his companion –the mobile GPS AND MAPS FOR FREE and everything he needed he found in that new city. He found en-route to the college and waited outside to surprise her with bunch of roses he could afford.

     There she was Neena pretty and beautiful as this very earth. She drove straight to him – “Need a ride?”

“Pagal you forgot the app we downloaded – I know what is your location. You wanted to surprise me I wanted to surprise you too

  She spoke his native language as if it is hers too – yeah INTERNET is there what not to learn. Neena took him to her parents and they were such a warm family. The romance built in the beautiful city of Chandigarh and Satheesh promised to return one day to take her back as his rightful woman.

             With the thought of what to do he started his blog answering questions to every technicality about mobiles. That was a instant hit and the ‘mob world’ his site became the most successful blog.

              With the same idea he started a company developing various APPS for mobiles and that was a instant hit too. For, who knows mobile and internet better than Satheesh. And thus satheesh the weirdo became a hero with the help of his best friend THE MOBILE AND INTERNET.
He married Neena and they lived happily thereafter.

Now that’s a fairytale story right – well it might me. But that’s true in most of our lives. How many of us can choose to live without Mobile and Internet on mobile???

When I look out at my world,
I feel what this world would have been without Internet and mobile?
Definitely it would have been no fun
Everything in this world is connected.
School farewell day – still sits in memories
We cried for hours, together.
For we thought we are to depart
But now every single moment in their life –I live that too.
For everything is connected – everyone is connected.

From learning to clarifying- I go searching my mobile.
I write, I need a new word, a spell check – I go searching my mobile.
What fun it would have been without mobile and Internet?
Busy and busted in work –
Need a relaxation, need to check Cricket scores – Where is my mobile?
I am a radiologist – got a rare case – need an opinion- need clarifications
Again where is my mobile??
Urgent mail – need to check – where is my mobile.

Need to pay bill –book a train ticket – recharge my TV
Where is my mobile with Internet??
To read a novel, to update my blog,
To update my knowledge – where is that mobile??
To view music videos, to lighten up with funny videos,
To update random pictures, to share, to spread a message,
To spread news, even to spread our NGO
Where is that mobile with internet?
The world without INTERNET AND MOBILE is no fun at all………………………………………….


 images here drawn with  simple APPS


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