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Satheesh - From Weirdo To A Real Life Hero

Satheesh - From Weirdo To A Real Life Hero

Have You Heard The Story Of Satheesh??????????
                          Satheesh was a dreamer, a dreamer who dreams beyond. He had a quest and that quest lead to lot of questions but those questions never found answers.
“Mam, why is the earth round and why it revolves around sun? Why can’t the sun revolve around the earth?” “Satheesh first study and pass then ask questions.”

                         Satheesh, oh he the weird one sitting around in last – that’s how they call him. Satheesh was not the class topper but definitely he was not that dumb stupid kid. He had intelligence in a different sort – intelligence in experimenting and learning, yeah the one which our society never welcomes in.                         That’s how his high school days passed. But he never worried nor cared much about it. Growing up in a small village, satheesh used to ride his sister Dhivya all the way up and down in his cycle for kilometers to the near-by town. They…



When you sit back and look Look back with a dampened heart And let memories tell stories of your faded past. Suddenly that feel The feel of chocking and feel of breathlessness creeps
Life is a Roller coaster ride; it will Take you up and take you down. If you stay on top too long you get scared. If you stay down too long you get bored. This ride called life is always difficult to understand.
Why do you meet? Those whom you consider special Those who consider you special Why these revelations of love and hate come? What does it give – nothing but a sore heart?
Things can’t be settled with a wish Wish to keep everyone happy! Life has to be tougher – someone can’t Let that be me. For people can blame or misunderstand me. And it will not affect me as long as they are happy in their own life.

Let this life run the way it wants Let time teach me where I should end. How much betrayal I had given? Betrayal – to the one that truly loved me. To her, willing to love me forever.