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Jamfest - my experience from within

JAMFEST ---------- An experience from within

                Four days of unimaginable extravaganza; four days of fun filled moments, days that are ever to be fixed in memories is what I gained being part of Jamfest and working for Jamfest. Working with kids working with young minds has always been a pleasure for me and that’s how I said, “Yes” when Karthick anna called. “ Thambi, Jamfest money collection samamthama unkita paesanum” after that I was busy with my own events and some other things that I never actually took apart in any activities and preparations of Jam-fest expect for money collection from my batch.            After Diwali I promised karthick Anna that I will work for Jamfest.  And If I hadn’t turned up only I would have been a looser.
When I came there wasn’t many - two seniors’ Chimman and karthik sitting, guiding, commanding and running around with all the works. Then the laziest Tamil arasan was running around like a bee here and there with his action force Naveen an…


                                              We will board the train in few minutes from central station, Chennai; it was a tiresome day; a day so eventful with work but still it was my memorable day. For months my eyes tuned music for him only to be rejected by his hard looks.
                             Today something was different! He came towards me,” Hey Priya, Advance Diwali wishes di; long weekend is coming up la have a great time.” ‘Hey you know what I think ‘I will miss you these days’. What? What did he say? I was floating in air and smiling at the heavens. He walked away only to stop turn back and give his grin. “ Priya be ready we shall go from office together I am travelling with you”Am I still in dream? “No he was wearing a red shirt then in dream” what is happening?       
                          The clock ticked and the time moved like it was years .Finally its 3 pm and we both started early. He came and picked me in his bike and took me to my favorite coffee shop.…

Innocence - Regained

Innocence - Regained

Perched with sadness, In mood so imperturbable,
With an impetuous act committed I sit here in a mood so darn.
That silence creaked Creaked with that girl She looked at me as an alien. And I cursed.
Cursed her for perching in my loneliness. That little one is the most I hated then. I went back in my vivid thoughts. Trying to think the events so wrong.
In a distance not so long Fluted the familiar sound. Some balloon vendor is on his early prowl. The girl- the little one,
She got all excited. Searched her little pocket And counted coins One two and three and a penny less.
She came straight at me. Search; search the pocket - hundreds and thousands But not a rupee in; oh ya there it was holding in. The little one grabbed it and smiled.
she was running through careless. With bubbles she played and kissed the vendor bye. I blessed myself for being there now. For that little ones presence took me away.
I realized then she couldn’t speak. Couldn’t speak but she spoke a thousand through her eyes. Care…



Walking through that meadows. Riding through the roads I never missed your eyes looking at me Those wandering eyes searched for the love Love that I never cared to give you………. You spoke no word. You expressed no words. You thought you hide it well. Well.............. Those eyes said me everything. Yet I acted as if I never cared.
But Now I decide I am not going to miss you… The one ready to take me as me The one ready to be me You the gritty eyed, You the one with chanting smile. You the one who bears all my non-sense. You the one who holds out when I need. You are the one that shed That shed your pretty tears for me. You the one I choose to ignore till now Do you think, I will dare to miss you?
And then
As the sun showed in the night’s thunderous sky. As birds sang in the warm rain. I kissed you… Your soft tender lips entangled with me It became one among me. And there I expressed you Love. Moments of intimacy. Moments that kept us as one Moments that kept us one - Even when we were miles apart…


I stood there mesmerized Mesmerized as usual!! How can I speak How can I express You may not like me You may not like my love But
How can I stand there before you hiding my LOVE? Shy, silent and crazy I go before you. You read me like a mirror. This day, with you, can it prolong for ever? Will you let the day prolong forever? You make my world happy Will you let that world be happy? I keep watching, The eyes that doesn’t care to look at me. I keep looking them Asking them to speak something.
And then
The sky went blizzard. It turned red in shy and wilderness It showered, blessing me. As you kissed me. The fallen petals flew back to its flower. The hidden tears flowed down in ecstasy. Words not spoken. Silence not shattered. Lips became one And a new soul was born The moment of embrace That moment of love The moment you gave my first kiss ………………………………………………. That was the moment of my life.

written for gooseberrygoespoetry-picnic-wk-2-kiss