" THE BATTLE OF THIRUPURAMBIYAM - the victory and change of history (last episode)

Battle Of Thirupurambiyam – The Last Episode.
Sun, wearing its orange mask twists out.
And the warriors after 2 long days are battling,
Out already to stay alive.
Our Chola-Kongu-Pallava army is battered and shattered;
Our warriors are tired and weak;
They are just avoiding death each time the Pandyan army strikes.
They know that death is inevitable though but
Still they hold their swords in their bleeding arms and continue to fight.

The Decision:

In the battle encampment our warrior kings meet.
Aparjithan, Aditan and Prithivipathi are deciding their fate.
For the sake of their men,
For the sake of holding their kingdoms still more long.
For their sake of surviving
They have planned to retreat.

Old Crippled Tiger Enters In

Carried on a caravan Vijaya-cholan the Old tiger enters in.
“Tigers don’t retreat, it is here we stand and fight.
We shall march back victorious
Or we shall go back as fallen warriors.”
For the love of freedom
For the pride of our nation,
For the glory we ought to attain.
For the Pennon of tiger let’s march.
Let’s march, Vijayalan hails.

Is he ninety??

Old they say he is!!
Crippled and paralyzed, he can’t walk.
He shouts at his retreating tigers.
“Give me an elephant
The reply is “All our elephants are dead”
“Give me a horse”
“All our horses are dead!!”
Give me a least 2 brave warriors.
Kailasan and Aditan rises
Following them a hundred others rise.


Amidst the retreating army,
The tigers march.
Aditan and kailsan carries Vijayalan in the shoulders
And they lead.
Followed by them the 100 other brave tigers march.
They march in a formation of two.
Their huge shields held on sides;
Their long swords held above they March.
That formation of hundred with 2 per row,
Walks in like ram.
They protect each other.
They watch for each other.
They walk towards death.
Yet they walk towards glory
Yet they walk towards pride.
They walk towards the thousand Pandyan cavalry.
“Vijayalan sway his sword around,
 From the top of his two brave warriors
And everywhere the enemies fall.”
“Archers fire.
But none of their arrows reach him”
For his sword is faster
Faster than those arrows and it cuts them through.


The Cholans battle formation was unbreakable.
TheY raided in and kept going and going.
“The Pandyan archers try to strike the men walking last
For they thought that their back will be exposed.”But with shields covering the last two was walking back in a opposite direction.

Like rain the arrows kept hitting
Like a flowing wind the Pandyan cavalry kept coming.
But these tigers just kept going in.
When a man fall; another deserts the unit
To let others resume the formation.

Many, they killed.
Before the CHARIOTS OF PANDYAN stepped in.

The chakra formation

Surrounding the king they form a ring.
With shields around the look like a shielded wheel.
They move towards the incoming chariots.
They expose when the chariots are close
And the men in center throws their long spears right into the rider’s head.
They battled like never before.
These tigers did what even GODS haven’t seen before.


Astonished by the bravery of these few men.
Astonished by the bravery of Vijayalan, a ninety year old man.
Astonished by their art or war.
The retreating soldiers comes back to fight.
Aparjithan and Prithivipathi come in with their army too.
The Pandyans sure of victory and celebrating it was confused now.
They are scared at this sudden fury.
It’s like the dead warriors have risen back from hell.


Varagunan in despair,
In fear of losing his men more he cut
Loses his elephant cavalry again.
Those huge giants walk in once again to end this war.
But this time they don’t know that there is one determined tiger-
Vijayalan leading the front, the other side.

Vijayalan order the men to stand in a single long row.
He orders everyone to take long bows, spears or whatever they have.
The elephants come in like walking mounts.
Our brave warriors holding ground target the Elephants feet.
Their long spears and strong arrows strike the beast feet.
They fall down bringing many behind.
The mad elephants go wild and
Those thousand beasts were no more in control.
They run back stomping on their own men on way.

The Retreat:

Now it’s time again for retreat!!! But now
It’s for the Pandyan army.
Mad and struck with fear they run back.
The elephants that won them their battle on second day
Now make them loose the battle.
The tigers with the army supporting them
Chase their enemy far behind.
Its turn of tide in battle-field now.
But this time it is victory for the wounded and battered soldiers.
It is victory for the allied army.              
It is victory for Aparjithan.
It is victory for Aditan.
It is victory for Cholas.


Brave was HE,
Strong was HE,
In the glimpse of victory he was fighting.
He was fighting a bunch of enemies surrounding him.
With the play of his swords
He cuts their throat down.
But the Pandyan men kept lodging at him
And one passes his dagger straight at his heart.
He falls.
But He falls with glory.
He falls with pride.


Granted Freedom;
Granted Pazhalaiyaru, their capital back they celebrate.
They have regained their kingdom.
They have regained their honor.
They have regained their glory.
Back from dark ages the Cholans have risen to power.
With their the small army,
They gained glory amidst of the huge Pallavan and Pandyan army.


HE is back to rejoice his Love;
His love with Kantharvi.
He stands there with his king Aditan
And the mighty Vijayalan.
Celebrating the victory in Uraiyur.
He stands tall proud now as a warrior.
He stands there proud satisfying the promise he made to her.
He has returned alive.
Returned now as the most trusted men of Aditan.
Returned now as a general of CHOLAN ARMY.
Returned as a brave warrior.
As a “HERO”.
He has returned holding her in heart and
Her attire held together in his sword.
He has returned for her and her love.

முன்று நாள் நடந்த கோர யுத்தம்
போர்களம் எங்கும் சிகப்பு வர்ணம்.
மடிந்த வீரர்களின் உடல்கள் 
இறந்த வாரணமும் புரவிகளும் 
போர்களம் எங்கும்.

சரித்திரம் பேசும் போர்களம்
பலரும் வியப்பர் இவ்வீரத்தை.
நாயகர்கள் பல கண்டது இப்போர்களம்.
வீரர்கள் பல கண்டது இப்போர்களம்.
வரலாற்றை மாற்றப்போவது இப்போர்களம்.

விஜயாலன் எனும் தொண்ணூறு 
வயது இளைஞன்; வாள்கொண்டு 
விளையாடிய அவிரனின் மரவம் வென்றுது இச்சரிதிற்ற போரினை. விஜயாலனும் புலிகளும் வென்றனர் சரித்திரத்தை.

புலிகளின் போர்த்திறனும் வீரமும்
புலிகளை உயர்த்தியது.
சிறுபடை கொண்டு போர் புரியினும்
சிறுபடை எனவே  விளங்கியது எதிரியின் 
பெரும்படையும் சோழ வீரம் முன்பு.

சரித்திரம் ஒன்றை உருவாக்கி 
பேரரசு ஒன்றையும் உருவாக்கி 
கடல் கடந்து ஆட்சி செய்து 
ராஜராஜன், ராஜேந்திரன் போல் 
மாமனார் தோன்ற வழிவகுத்தது 
திருபுறம்பியப் போர்களம்.

( note: everything written above is based on true history.
the battle of thirupurambiyam truely changed face of soth indian history and led to the rise of 4 century long cholan power. It led way to see emperors like Rajarajan and Rajendrian. Rajarajan himself commanded a army of 10 lakhs with over  a lakh elephantry later!!

The battle on the verge of defeat is said to have won by the Cholans, mainly because of the bravery of a ninety year old Vijayala cholan.
Vijayalan before also had defeated mutharaiyars and regained Tanjore.
Vijayalan was considered the first of medieval Cholas.

Prithivipathi the kongu king did fall in battle and there in his memory is still said to exist a pallipeedi- War memorial on Thirupurambiyam.

The verses 
“Give me an elephant-----
Following them a hundred others rise. were adopted and modified from

The chola kingdom later rose to great heights they even defeated Aparjithan under Aditan's command itself and it is likely that apajithan was killed in this battle and this ended Pallavan empires glory.

The imaginary characters in this story is  KAILASAN AND HIS LOVE KANTHARVI.) 


  1. What a war!! Their valor and allegiance is truly astounding! The greatest barrier which the tigers overcame was their fear of failure. And with leaders like Vijayala Chola who knew what was to be done, did it himself and showed others the way, it was only appropriate that the tigers tasted victory. "Courage is the discovery that you may not win,and trying when you know you can lose"- do we need a better example for this adage?

  2. true... this is an example for us too to fight in tough situations and succeed

  3. am really bad at history...unnoda intha history serisa padichu, got to know the exact clans in TN....the best part about reading this story was the poetic part, which u have imbibed in ur story...thats really amazing....
    And am highly amazed at the way Vijayalan fought the battle..intha mathiri nammaloda munnorgal irunthathunala than, namma natula innum makkal kitta oru desa patrum veeramum irukku....gr8 respect for him after reading this master piece!!!
    And the two fictious characters are put in at the right place!!!thalaivan, thalaivinu i have heard..but, unmayalume, ithula pakkara mathiri irundichu..
    Best part of the blog other than the poem is the pictures u have chosen to depict different scenes...
    Hats-off Raja..keep it up!!!!

  4. History teaches us who we are? We have to be proud of brave tamil citizen


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