THE BATTLE of 'Thirpurambiyam.' (episode 1)

Battle of Thirupurambiyam

A battle that is to be spoken for ages,
A battle that is to be written in history.
A battle that is watched even by the Gods in heaven.
The meet of two great kingdoms,
The Pallavas and Pandyas.
Two mighty armies have decided to test the strength.

A soldier in the ranks of cholan army.
He is strong, stubborn and tough.
The chitoor in his wife kept at wedding ceremony had not even faded.
Kantharvi, his wife,” Here my dear take your sword. “Aditakarikalan” is preparing an army”
 “Take heed, fight and kill as many enemies as possible.
There is a soul waiting for here in Uraiyur.
She will love to see you back alive.
Come back as a hero, as one who swirled his sword to remove enemy’s head.
Or as one dead-fighting a brave battle.I should hear of your bravery
Go my dear man.”
He leaves with unspoken words and unexpressed love that he had for her.
Their eyes met each other and it spoke a thousand words.
With heavy heart, he departed.
He departed to transcend from an ordinary soldier to a “warrior”

‘Adita karikalan’

The new on throne Cholan king.
The son of brave, intelligent and mighty Vijayala Cholan.
He walks like a tiger that is to address his hunting party.
Clad with the golden armor and a long sword held firm, he greets,
“My brave warriors of Cholan kingdom”
“Hold your sword and shield high above in pride.
 For now, we are marching towards history.”
“Fear not my brave warriors.
Fear not my young men.
For we hold the pennon of tiger.
For we are the ‘Tigers’.”

Vijayala cholan:
Some say he is old, some say he is blind.
Some say he is deaf.
But he is an old tiger with no loss of strength.
His both legs paralyze him.
But he is strong and stable in mind.
He hails his army, small in compared to the numbers of Pallava and Pandya.
However, he knows they are to make history for sure.

'The battlefield of Thirpurambiyam.'

The god of war skanda and
The goddess of war Koravai has promised their presence in Thirupurambiyam.
The barracks on both sides are laid and the entrapment is stretched.
Varaguna pandyan the pandyan king himself heads the field.
The banks of river kaveri- which is soon to be flooded with blood-
Enough blood that will drench the thirst of even kali for years.

The Pallavas:

They are ready. In the name of their ancestors Mahendravarman
And Narashimavarman, they are ready.
Camped at Govindaputhur and kalakurechi they are eager for battle.
Aparjithavarman -a young, mettle king of the Pallavan Empire.
He is furious, fearless and he is willing to end the Pandyan domain.
The entire pallavan army strength is here eager for battle.
He is flanked aside by Prathiveepathi, the king of kongu nadu.
He, with is good number of men are raging for blood too.


The tiger is marching with its brave hunters behind.
Their strength on number is minimum but on their capabilities it is incomparable.
They are marching to aid Pallavas against their single foe Pandyans
From URAIYUR their capital they march.
With a thousand cavalry, few hundred Elephants and
With few thousand warriors, they looked puny amidst the Pallavas and Pandyas.
Nevertheless, they marched.
For this their time for glory.
For this is what they have trained for years.
For this is where they are the best.

(The cholan army is organized with ranks and regiments.
They were like any other army divided in to ratha-gaja-tura-pada
                (Chariots, elephant corps, horses and infantry)
The commissariats (nadapu) and the logistics (payanam) are two other ranks in them.
They also had Kaikolars the spear man, villikal -the bow men and the velaikarra padai that is sworn to protect the king.)

Kailasan marches along

He with kantharvi in mind, with the love for her in heart;
with her fragrance preserved in a piece of her attire tied in hand; 
with the promise he made to himself to see her back as warrior,
as a victorious warrior marches.
he marches with the hunting party following Adita karikalan.

The Pandyan army under Varaguna Pandyan

The pandyan army stretched like a sea.
Their last man was still coming in from Thirubuvanum- 20 kms south!
It is as if no other man was left in the villages of Pandyan kingdom,
Their elephants were making war cry that shook Himalayas.
Their cavalry that was waiting to ride and flank the Pallavan soldiers were numerous as stars.
Their archers are sharpening their long blades to rain them right into enemy’s heart.
The galloping chariots created a screen of dust that blinded even men in Ganges.
The voices of the marching infantry simply deafen the enemy.
It is an army to see and tremble.
It is an army to bow before and surrender.
Varaguna Pandyan is the man to accept as your overlord.

Will the forces of APARJITHA VARMA PALLAVAN AND PRITHIVIPATHI OF KONGU succumb to the mighty army of Pandyas?
Will the marching tiger-ADITA KARIKALA CHOLAN with his hunting party raid into the Pandyan ranks?

                                                                                                     to be continued...............

(long story short - the Battle Of Thirumpurambiyam is a true historical event the one that changed the fate of south Indian history.. more on it to come)


  1. powerful work.

    Enjoyed this, awesome talent.

    Invite you to join poets rally week 42 by sharing a free verse today.
    Appreciate your input.

    Hope to see you in!
    Have A Blessed Easter!

  2. hi..yet another exemplary work of yours. Felt like i was listening to a live commentary of the battle. It was well portrayed with adequate attention to details yet keeping it succinct and maintaining the momentum till the last word. I was a wee bit disappointed to see the 'to be continued', would have loved to read the whole at one go.:-)
    and where do i get to read more about this battle and other tamil historical events?

  3. Thanks jingle for tht comment . . and thanks for the link too will definitely check in . . .happy Easter too you too . . :-)

  4. Thanks prassana as usual your comment is motivating . . . and about where you can read more on this. . i couldn find much details about this particular battle in history . . i came across it while reading about vijayalacholan . . kalki has described this battle in short in ponniyin selvan . . if you want to know more on history the easy and best bet is internet most of the details even the famous books are available there so try there


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