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This is my usual journey now, the usual route, the one that I take home from my college. The mode of transport is the one, which I never liked before but now, has become an interesting thing for me. Yeah the train journey, for I get to meet many people and each one of them had a different story to tell.

                 Here it is once again a Saturday afternoon and as usual, I slipped from my classes like an hour and half earlier. There is no time to inform sir as it is 12.35 now and the train is on due by 1pm; well I had to rush and convincing sir is a thing I can handle later. Rushing up to the hostel, kicking and pulling my friend out to make him drop me at the station; packing whatever is possible at the last minute is my usual fun and I never missed it then too.

         Now we are in station on time, hmm some probably five minutes earlier too and it was that one auspicious day maybe that I had booked my ticket earlier. We grabbed in a quick cup of tea, …


I am tired of being alone,
I am tired of being without you.
Give me the strength to be without you.
Give me the hope to live without you.

Through the thunder sky
And that lonely moon
I send you a message,
Hoping it will reach you.

I know you have reached a never-land
And there is no return from it
But still i send you a message.

What shall I do without you?
Why should I be without you?
why cant i end my journey here?
but, I have promised myself to go further.
And now its a journey without you.

Give me the strength to be without you
Give me the hope to live a life without you.
You are my Love.
But why did i loose you?

With questions not answered,
I just sit here,
in memories so lost and thoughts so wilder-ed.
Hoping that I will live my life worthy, a life that is without you.

A love song for a lost "LOVE" ( my version of love song for noone)

Staying up all alone,
I was just sitting thinking about you.
I am looking at that cemented roof,
With thoughts so lost just in you.

What can I do more to make you feel my love?
What should I do more to make you trust me?
You are thou my dearest.
And you know me the closest.
You make my heart beat the fastest.

And now you say I have to live a life that this so lonely without you.
What can i do more to make you feel my love?
What should I do more to win your heart?

With all that memories I sit here,
When it is just days away until you walk away with someone else.
The way you walk, the way you smile, the way you speak,
the way you eat, the way you cry
And just everything about you had made me love you.

You are ready to trust a stranger in life!
Now what can I do to make you feel my love?
what should I do to make my heart forget you?

Its a war that I fought!
A war in the name of Love.
For now that I look to have lost it.
But the war is not over yet!

The war is not over;
until I loose my l…