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The Purpose

It was lonely Sunday and some deep thoughts sulked in me
Lost in my own thoughts I was thinking,
“When a baby is born,
He opens his small lids and looks around and cries.
He gives smile and happiness to everyone around.
Every little thing that he does makes people crazy.
There are heart and souls always around to take care of it.
To feed him, to clean him, to dress him, to soothe him, to walk him
To play with him there are always eager hearts around.
The mom carries him hugged around her shoulders.
The dad cries out I have a child and buys all possible thing on earth for him.
Then the crazy grandpa and grandma are there to pamper and protect him.
But why the same hearts sway when they have a duty?
The duty of caring a little older child .
Say an 80yr old child.
To clean him, to feed him, to talk with him, to walk him there is no one around
It’s a burden then!!!
And he cries cuddled in his lonely smelling bed.
He cries. But still there is no one to bother.
These human souls ar…